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JULY 26, 2014

For Sale two twin mattresses and frames 219-6935

For Sale Massey tractor, 8' chair hire, and square baler 355-2247

For Sale barrels and rear tractor tires 374-6535

For Sale 4 guineas 305-4508

For Sale CB radio, pool table, and 2 16" tires 305-1182

For Sale rooster 875-8027

Looking For basketball goal 678-8425

For Sale lawn mower and weed eaters 425-9010

For Sale electric fence charger and V-Tech phone 382-5617

For Sale cordless phone and looking for a love seat 676-0001

For Sale 1993 Ford F150 383-3108

For Sale computer desk, bunk beds, GM alternator, quad 4 carburetor, and looking to do odd jobs 678-8843

For Sale deep freeze and vice 678-5973 or 305-2924

For Sale 17,000 BTU A/C unit 305-3052

Looking for a toolbox for a pickup truck 271-2377

For Sale Geo Tracker, Rear tractor tires, beagles, and Wagon running gears 355-7153

For Sale 1992 Honda parts, 2000 Olds parts and hay fork 687-1834

For Sale Coleman generator 305-4698

For Sale wooden dog house 678-5452

For Sale table saw, 6 lug wheels, electric drill, polisher, and weed eater 423-3842

For sale 2004 Dodge 423-4227

For Sale baby bed with mattress 423-4540

For Sale Cyclone rack, 1974 tractor, and aluminum boat 379-2370

For Sale twin mattress and springs 561-4418 or 305-5793

For Sale yard machine and white toolbox 802-8378

For Sale two bikes, highchair, wheelchair, transport chair, and bath bench 379-6561

For Sale hitch with 2" ball, 6 lug 15" wheels, and 6.5 engine 678-6217

For Sale cross cut saw 875-9866

For Sale heater and medicine cabinet 423-2505

Looking to do pressure washing and odd jobs 307-3688

For Sale 2 motorcycles 416-7507

For Sale miniature bunnies 305-1285

For Sale couch with recliner, entertainment center, and table and chairs 274-8816

For Sale Total Gym 423-3091

For Sale 19997 Maxima 271-5901

For Sale electric scooter 678-0208

For Sale head board for a queen size bed 425-9200

Looking for a big wheel, also for sale Delta table saw 679-4175